Encouraging Christians to view their daily lives as their primary mission fields with marketplace ministry resources from Dr. Richard Hamlet

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If you are a Christ-follower, you are a missionary!

All Ministry in the Marketplace resources help you step into your everyday mission field confident and equipped to fulfill the Great Commission. Expand your Bible knowledge, learn how to engage the spiritually lost, and be encouraged along the way!

A Voice in the marketplace

The New Radio Show


Beginning in March, 2023, each 30-minute program features a brand new sermon  containing biblical teaching to encourage you to view your daily life as your primary mission field. The show airs in Memphis on Saturdays at 8am on 640AM Bott Radio and is archived here.

1 minute sermon clips

The Reels

preached by dr. richard hamlet

A collection of short, powerful sermon soundbytes added to weekly that encourage you to steadfastly hold to biblical truth and model how to share scripture and essential doctrines with others. 

Buenas Nuevas network

The Radio Station

Founded by dr. richard hamlet, CEO

Our Spanish Christian radio network aires today’s best Christian music and bilingual soundbites, stories, and sermons to encourage you in your relationship with Christ. Listen online or on 105.5 FM and 830 AM in west Tennessee, east Arkansas, and north Mississippi.

memoirs from the marketplace

The Devotional Book

written by dr. richard hamlet

A collection of 30 homilies that encourage and motivate readers to take the gospel to those who are “outside the church walls,” sharing the saving gospel of Jesus with those who may never enter the doors of a church or worship service.

Ministry in the marketplace

The First Radio Show


Listen to over 400 episodes of the national radio show! Each 30-minute program contains biblical teaching and an inspiring guest interview to encourage you to view your daily life as your primary mission field. The show ran from 2014-2022. 

Marketplace messages

The Bilingual Sermons

sermons by dr. richard hamlet

Watch over 60 30-minute bilingual sermons that encourage believers to live for the Lord and invite unbelievers to begin their relationships with Jesus. Spanish translation provided by Irving Ravelo.

About Ministry in the Marketplace


Ministry in the Marketplace began in 2014 as a weekly radio program, with the goal of empowering believers to live authentically for Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit in their workplaces or circles of influence.

The program featured Richard’s practical challenges and exhortations from God’s Word as it pertains to influencing others for Christ. The show also included interviews with men and women who shared their real life stories of how they are stepping out of the box and creatively and courageously impacting their marketplaces around the world.

Ministry in the Marketplace was broadcast in 130 cities on 168 stations across the US, reaching over 70 million people, and online. After 8 years and over 400 episodes, the radio program ended in 2022.

If you missed the blessing of hearing the show the first time around, you can still access the show archive anytime!

Dr.  Richard Hamlet

Dr. Richard Hamlet

Founder of Ministry in the Marketplace

Moving Forward

Today Ministry in the Marketplace is a continually evolving collection of bilingual content that encourages both English and Spanish speakers to view their daily lives as their primary mission fields.

Some avenues through which we share resources:

  • A brand new weekly radio show called A Voice in the Marketplace
  • Bilingual radio programming on the mid-south’s premier Spanish Christian radio network, Buenas Nuevas
  • Digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Archives of hundreds of shows with biblical teaching and guest interviews of people living out the Great Commission
  • Archives of bilingual sermons

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